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Merlin & Splash & Brother
Merlin is Ch. Finch'sChar's Spellbound Parti

Splash & Merlin
Splash is Ch. Finch'sChar'sMakinWavesParti
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Gold & Company
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"Garth" Finch's Hesa Gold Investment
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Burgandy Lil Casino (Casino)
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Finch's Parti All Nite Long (Barney)
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Finch's Mighty Cool Parti (Nugget)
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Finch's Hesa Gold Investment (Gold)

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Del Rey Cant Touch This (Aladin)
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Finch's Parti Darius (Darius)

"Foundation Parti stud"
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Finch's Dressed To Parti (Levi)
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Finch's Jet Set Parti  (Jet)

Wildwood's Crowned Prince (Bernie)
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Finch's Kick Butt Part
i (Kicker)
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Ch. Finch's Peacemaker Parti, ROM (Gunner)

Ch. Finch's Parti To Impress Me (Niki)
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Ch. Finch'sChar'sMakinWavesParti (Splash)

Ch. Finch's Bet On The Parti (Nash)

Ch. Finch's Awesome Wave Parti (Surfer)

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Finch's Super Parti
Finch's Parti Doll At Sharian. Grand Daughter of CH. Finch's He Walks On Water and full sister to Finch's Mighty Cool Parti
Finch's Parti Doll At Sharian

Rocky's sister

- Gold daughter
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Finch's Parti On Garth

Ch. Finch's Parti Time "Tina"
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Pandy/Barney Pup
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Finch's Tequila Sunrise Parti

Imp/Nugget Puppies
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Betsy/Nugget Pup
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Tina/Gold Pup

Betsy/Bernie Male
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Finch's Divine Miss Parti

Aladin And True