2016 Pomeranian Review Magazine Article

Finch’s Pomeranians Ltd.

Diane & Jilli & (Jilli’s baby photo) & my favorite boy Ch. Diablo

         I bought my first pom over 50 years ago.   I have been blessed with some wonderfully accomplished poms over the years.  My first show boy BISA, BISS, Ch. Finch’s He Walks On Water, GC, HOF, ROMS (Travis) He was a miracle –only a half pound at 8 weeks.  He was a home bred puppy sired by Finch’s Born Sweet Scottie and out of Finch’s Ambrosa Mystery (no champions in his immediate ancestry).  I was a “newbie” to the show ring and we were both called “flukes.”  I believe he still holds the record for being the most show accomplished black pom in the history of the breed and the most accomplished black pom stud in the breed producing 65 champions (not all AKC) many BISA, BISS offspring and many other noteworthy grandkids.  I like a very typey pom with tiny ears, good bone and leg coat, and I’m a head freak – they have to have a pretty head, good stretch of neck and a good sound pom that can really cover ground with the least amount of effort.

bodacious.GIF Carly alone.jpg TagChampion copy.jpg Joey.jpg Cody1 copy.jpg cubby.gif  Dollar.jpg Elvis show copy.jpg Eman.jpg Ember Ch copy1.jpg special.JPG Jamal.gif

These are several of Travis champion black offspring.

Casey - Champion.jpg CeeCeeShow.jpg Chad in Iowa.jpg Chelsie2 copy.jpg ChPinky.jpg Coalbestshow.jpg. Artie3.jpg Awesome 300dpi.jpg Bart 7-10-05a.jpg FlipSweepstakeWinner.jpg Grace 6-20-04.jpg Ike group1st.jpg Mojo5pt.jpg Sly & Cathy.jpg Tobybestshow.jpg vegas.jpg

He is still one of the top 3 top producing pom studs.  I showed Travis to his first three majors and then as one competitor remarked, “he looked like a wooly caterpillar.”  travisgold suit.jpg  She was so right!  I didn’t have a clue as to how to properly groom and trim a show pom so I arranged for Jackie Rayner to finish Travis.  Jackie put 9 All Breed Best In Shows on him and he came back to me at 3 years of age.  I had several girls of all colors to prove him on and prove himself he did.   He lived and produced up to his death at nearly 13 years of age.  I have yet to see a pom float and barely skim the ground like he did.  At only 3 months of age (1990) one of my show friends/helpers predicted Travis would be a Best In Show pom.  I thought she was just trying to boost my confidence, but she called it correctly.   And I was doubly blessed that Travis produced an equal number of male and female champions.

The short list of Travis' accomplishments:

9 All Breed BIS

3 Best In Specialty Shows

1992 APC Top Winning Pom

APC Hall of Fame

Gold Club Member

Westminster BOB (1994)

APC's 1995 No 2 Top Winning Dog

Finished from Puppy Class at 10 months

'Winningest' Black Pom in History Of Breed

Producer of multiple BISA, BISS

Register of Merit Excellence

Twice First Award of Merit, Westminster

Best of Breed at Westminister

APC's 1999 No. 1 Top Stud Dog

Producer of BISA, BISS son, daughter and grandson
(3 generations of black Best-In-Show & Best-In-Specialty Show)

APC's 2003 No. 1 Top Stud Dog

  Travis' list of titled offspring.


  • Ch. Finch’s Classic Creation
  • Ch. Valcopy Wakhan Valentino
  • Ch. Valcopy-Wakhan Hot Gossip
  • Ch. Wynmor’s Black N Tan Beauty
  • Ch. Dover-Holihouse Rogo’s Wizard
  • Ch. Jul’s Yes Indeed I’m Walkin
  • Ch. Golden Aires Walk N The Rain
  • Ch. Tresstique Black Magic
  • Ch. Tresstique’s Walkin Treasure
  • Ch. Finch’s The Legend Continues
  • Ch. Finch’s Black Lace
  • Ch. Candyfloss Dazzling
  • Ch. Wheat's Walking In The Moonlight
  • Ch. Noble's Queen Of The Night
  • Finch's Little Sister Megan, CD
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin' In Fashion
  • Ch. Bohrer's Dream A Little Dream
  • Ch. Finch's She's A Love Farrah
  • Ch. Finch's He Walks Among Stars
  • Ch. Finch's Walkaway Joe
  • Ch. Wheat's He Walks Thru The Light
  • Ch. Finch's Mr. Bold N Beautiful
  • Ch. Weewyn's A Walk In The Park
  • Ch. Finch's He Rockets On Water
  • Ch. Noble's Finch's A Work Of Art
  • Ch. Finch's Billion Dollar Baby
  • Ch. Finch's Overnight Success
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin The Walk
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin Prim N Proper
  • Ch. Noble's Quest For The Best
  • Ch. Noble's Affair To Remember
  • Ch. American Pride Of Alldridge
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin N Talkin
  • Ch. Char's Walkin N A Winning Way (Ebony)
  •  Australia Ch. Merimaur’s Magic Word


  • Can. Ch. Finch's My Heaven on Earth
  • Can. Ch. Finch's Knight of Chaos
  • Ch. Finch's Midnight Special
  • Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish Ch. Finch's Walk On The Wild Side
  • Ch. Valcopy Wakhan Hollywood
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin Legacy
  • Ch. Pominique Talking Waters
  • Ch. Finch’s Petipom Chances R
  • Ch. Petipom He A'int No Saint
  • Ch. Finch’s He Can Moon Walk.
  • Brazilian Ch. Finch's All That Jazz
  • Spanish Ch. Finch's Como Tu Divine Night
  • Ch. Finch's Midnight Moonwalker
  • Ch. Sandpom's Touched By An Angel
  • Ch. Dover-Holihouse Togo's M.E.
  • Ch. Finch's Amazin' Lil Walker
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin After Midnite
  • Ch. Finch's Dream Walkin'
  • Int. Ch. Pominique N Noble's Dark Vader
  • Can. Ch. Finch's I Walk On Water Too
  • Ch. Finch's N Animation's Popeye
  • Danish Ch. Finch's Walkin Awesome
  • Ch. Noble's Breakfast At Tiffany's
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin Awesome In Red
  • Ch. Finch's Shesa Lil Brick
  • Ch. Wheat's Moonlight Serenade
  • Ch. Finch's Get Over Yourself
  • Ch. Finch's Lil Miss Liberty
  • Ch. Showcase Last Dance
  • Ch. Finch's Walking On Sunshine Too
  • Ch. Finch's Char's Walk This Way
  • Finch's Indispensable Walker, CD
  • Ch. Finch'sChar's Hot Walkin'Blond


         By that time I was, of course, hooked by the show bug and the opportunity to promote an “underdog” in an underdog coat color.  To date I have produced 29 black titled males and 25 black titled females and the most recent black finished champion is - Ch. Finch’s Thief In The Night (Streaker). q 009.JPG  I switched from the difficult-to-finish blacks to partis (I seem to do everything the hard way).  To date I have titled 35 parti males and 30 parti females.  I find the most difficult coat color to finish is the black and tans as I’ve only bred 15 of them that have finished their AKC championships.  Certainly the easiest ones to finish are the oranges and sables.  In the oranges I’ve finished 70 males and 52 bitches.  I believe that is 256 titlists. 

         I love color in poms and with all the experience I’ve had, I know that color is important in breeding quality poms.  The blacks help to enrich the color and enhance the oranges and the oranges help the coats of the various colors and parti patterns.   They need each other.  In some foreign standards one must breed black to black or chocolate, creams to creams, oranges to oranges, and partis to partis leaving no room in their standard to be creative by combining features that are stronger in one color than another.  For nearly a century, the show emphasis/concentration has been oranges and sables.  Naturally the really good oranges and sables should be used to improve quality in the other colors.  Horse breeders have used this method to improve Paints and Appaloosa’s within 10 years of breeding.  So it is only logical that dog breeders could/should do the same.  But tradition throughout centuries is extremely hard to change. 

         The popularity of parti poms throughout the world has been interesting but not surprising to me.  I repeat what other breeders have said about partis – that they are “the intellects and the athletes of the breed.”  I have found that the partis are quicker to learn, and very easy to train and they are definitely very athletic (I use vertical fences they can’t climb).   

         When it comes to temperament, I really love the sort of “naughty” spirited ones.  I call them my “bounce-off-the-wall” types – very energetic.  And if you start out commanding their attention and making sure they know you are the alpha, they turn out to be a great show dog.  It is easier to temper the hyper ones but not as easy to hype up the too-laid-back ones.  Playing a lot and running with them during training sessions helps the too-laid-back types – making it fun for them is essential. 

         I really enjoy the training part of puppies.  I like to start the pups at 8 weeks of age letting them follow the trainer who has cheese treats.   She will sit on the grass, play with them and give the pups more treats.  We do this with no leads on any of them to start.  Next we graduate to using a lead with a figure 8 harness on the brightest/most enthusiastic “student” gradually getting them all use to going out by themselves – by this time they will follow the trainer most anywhere for the tasty treat.  We vary the distances and the environment where we lead them so they get used to following anywhere.  We use the tiny figure 8 harnesses when they are 8 weeks old, but they soon grow out of them and graduate to the 12” to 18” figure 8 harness which is adjustable to fit at every age.  If they charge the lead, the harness holds them around their girth and doesn’t frighten them like a noose around their necks.  I have a page of training tips I use to help educate the trainers and to train new owners who want to show their poms.  It is fun to watch the puppies in the front yard getting their first training sessions as a group with my manager/trainer/exhibitor Erin.

kkkkk 006.JPG

         I am a great believer in Pat Hasting’s structure evaluations.  I was fortunate enough to have been able to take one of her last 2-day seminars she gave before her husband passed away.  I loved her training tips on how to take good photos for advertising (and seeing what the bad photos/bad advertising look like).  The training tips for side winding (not being a conformation fault but a handler fault) were extremely helpful.  She also recommended watching Best In Show handlers to see how they handle their dogs and what they do with the leads to prevent side winding.  That was a real eye-opener for me and the techniques really works although it isn’t as easily manipulated on a small dog as it is a bigger dog at hand level.  She also gave tips for training and conditioning and how to improve the gait on a dog.

         My biggest obstacle when I first started showing was teaching a dog to stand on the table.  Pat Hastings teachings made that part very easy.  I was so bad at it at first that I had a judge tell me to stop fidgeting because I was making my dog nervous.  She was so right!  Pat’s teachings reminded me of the 4 second rule we had for horse showmanship - standing our horses for a halter class without ever touching any part of the horse within 4 seconds.  With Pat’s technique, a dog can be positioned and look great in less than 4 seconds and no touching the legs at all.  Just like with a horse, all control and positioning is in the head – it is fast and the dog cannot take control away from you if properly done.   It just looks like good showmanship.  If a pom has the proper build, it will naturally stack itself without the handler getting down on the floor.  This also looks like good showmanship if the pom will self stack – it should make the dog and the handler look very professional.  

         This past summer I had the privilege of training a pom owner how to show her new pom.  She was an exceptionally eager learner and she wanted to keep improving her skills.  I was extremely proud when Mary Beth Barmettler put all of the points on her little black pom herself groomed by handler Karen Chisam.  Dia32.jpgMary Beth and Dia.

         David Fleming handling Finch’s Orange Fizz Parti (Dottie). img_0056.jpg 

         There is an advantage to having the space and the help to raise several simultaneous litters.  I can quickly prove a male and determine whether he is a worthy sire or not.  If any parent can only produce pet puppies, then they become a pet themselves.  They must also produce sound puppies.   The females must also prove themselves.  Another advantage is I can’t show all of my show puppies, therefore I have more to share with others who want to show.

         Part of the program to optimize what quality these adults can produce, I believe nutrition is a key ingredient.  I do feed a raw food diet made of human grade ingredients.  We make a double batch every day consisting of 8 to 10 pounds of ground beef heart, liver, tongue and a can of mackerel, can of pumpkin, 4 cups of Urban Wolf, and wheat germ oil, hemp oil, wild salmon oil, flax seed oil and all the powdered supplements we use.  The critical part of feeding supplements is also giving ascorbic acid which helps utilize the supplements (makes them much more effective).  The most important supplements would be the MSM and the Osteo Form SA and ascorbic acid.  The only meat I feed raw is beef and it must be the heart, liver, tongue (nothing from the outer carcass as that is where the e. coli and salmonella are).  So If I feed hamburger, it is cooked.  And all other kinds of meat are cooked.   My puppies get at least 3 meals a day consisting of scrambled eggs, a goulash mixture and the raw meat mixture patties.  And puppies also have the option of eating a kibble (Taste Of The Wild – Bison/Venison) which is available at all times.  I do not feed any bones but they have sow’s ears to chew on.  When those ears become the size of a silver dollar, we toss them as I’ve experienced one pom that had to have one extracted from its throat.  We also feed the meatballs in small increments so none of the glutens will choke on too big a piece of meatball.

         I would like to explain what MSM is and why I feel it is so critical to the best health and soundness possible.   Poms that have luxating patellas can benefit greatly from using any of the joint formulas, but I like MSM the best for most.  MSM is good for overall body health, not just the joints.  It can be purchased in a powder form and given daily in a meat or a cheese ball or in raw food.  It needs to be human grade.  Most will travel sound in 3 to 6 weeks after starting on it.  In most cases it will spare the dog from surgery which isn’t always successful or safe and will give the dog 50% chance of not going arthritic in that area as it ages and certainly is less costly than surgery and much less traumatic for the dog.  I have yet to see a pom affected with a patella luxation not travel sound after this MSM treatment and supplementing them for life with MSM and ascorbic acid.  It is the most effective if given as soon as the pups start eating solid food and given for life (with, of course, ascorbic acid).

         What exactly is MSM or methylsulfonylmethane?  It is organic sulfur; it is the third largest substance found in our bodies.  Sulfur deficiencies are associated with slow wound healing, brittle finger and toe nails, brittle hair, gastrointestinal problems, regulation of inflammation lung disfunction, and immune disfunction.  MSM is a natural compound that exists in our bodies and can be found in many common foods such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and milk. 

         Supplementing MSM assures that you have an adequate organic source for the body to use for whatever it needs.   The body is in a constant state of self repair, but if we do not have all the necessary “parts,  (nutrients) the end product is going to be less than perfect.  The body uses MSM to continually create new healthy cells to replace old ones. 

         MSM is an effective natural anti-inflammatory.  Disease and injuries often cause body’s cells to become inflamed or deteriorated, but MSM relieves inflammation and allows the body to repair damaged cells.  The anti-inflammatory properties of MSM effectively combat the pain commonly associated with arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and spinal disc injury.  By reducing inflammation, MSM improves the flow of blood through damaged areas of the body, thereby facilitating the healing process while reducing discomfort.  Athletes often use MSM to relieve the pain of strained muscles or over extended joints.  I personally have such severe arthritis in all parts of my body that it would be very painful/difficult for me to get up out of a chair if I didn’t take it daily.  I truly believe that it is a lifesaver for both me and my poms.  MSM also helps close open fontanels. 

         There is another supplement that I feel is also critical and that is Osteo Form SA.  If you have ever heard anyone say that their pom “fell apart” after being a wonderfully promising show prospect as a young puppy, there is a way to prevent “falling apart” and that is Osteo Form SA.  This supplement is a calcium/phosphorus balance (and that does not mean it is 50/50% – it is more like 60/40%).    Any of one these can be symptoms of the body robbing extremities of calcium during growth spurts – splay footed, hockiness, droopy ears, parroting bite, tail sticking straight up in the air, down in pasterns. 

         Not only is nutrition very important but also exercise and plenty of room to run and be a dog is necessary.  I have a total of 8 acres and the poms have yards all around my house.  And there are enough inclines to really make them build up strong bones and muscles. pppp 004.JPG  The top railing on my deck is horizontal and inward so none can climb out.  Most of the hard surfaces are brick so moisture won’t pool.  The poms have a large yard to run and a good sized deck for the poms and flowers.  lll 041.JPG  Teddy Dav ag..tiff. Kelly 2 OAJ 2.jpegSeveral of my poms have enjoyed agility.  I love being a spectator of this sport. Ted high jumpcan 4.jpeg Jet Tunnel 2.jpg  Billy -Finch's BR Bodacious Billy CD, RA, NAJ.jpgFinch’s BR Bodacious Billy, CD, RA, NAJ  and I have always believed any dog needs a job and some of my poms have been accomplished in agility. Tuffy.jpgOr they can just be useful by bringing in the daily and the Sunday paper for their owners.  Chris's Tuffy & Friends bringing in Sunday paper.JPG After 3 attemps at raising whites, I’ve given up.  If I can’t raise really good ones, I won’t do it at all. 

e 026.JPG

l 004.JPGKaren Chisam and Ch. Finch’s Close Enough To Perfect (Perry) earned his championship with big majors and finished with a Group 4.


I had a slow start in partis.  “Kicker” was my first parti pom on the show circuit. 

Splish-Best Opposite.jpg

I lost one of my favorite orange and white parti boys, Ch. Nash, so when I NASH.NATIONAL.jpg got this litter of 3, after nearly 15 years, I was thrilled.

ff 002.JPG Ch. Diva and Louie 3 boys – EC, Diablo, Zac.   ooooo 024.JPG Their mother is Ch. Finch’s All About Me At The Parti (Diva) Diva.jpg and their father is Louie. z3 023.JPG

Margarita at Westminster.jpgGrand Champion and Ch. Finch’s Naughty Margarita was BOS at Westminister in 2014. 


aa 013.JPGI enlarged my front yard so my poms would have plenty of room to exercise. aa 025.JPG aa 028.JPG

My front yard (a former horse arena) and driveway is my training area so they learn to travel on different surfaces. 

aaa 147.JPG 

bbbbb 047.JPG ccccc 003.JPG This is Ch. Finch’s You Can Crash My Parti (Luke) giving the evil eye to the Maine Coon cat and finishing his championship with David with a Group 4.

Dave & Luke Group 4.jpg

The Maine Coon is part of the pom family. w 009.JPG

         For many years I tried to think of something that would prevent my pups from falling through the cage wires and something that would keep them warm and draft free.  I designed a bumper bed for my new litters similar to what I had for my own first born child.  I make diapers for the girls and boys and the crate covers for protection from the cold when I take the 8-week-old pups to my vet for well-baby exams in the winter.  I also have on hand an oxygen tank to help revive pups. 

         My vets have taught me what circumstances would necessitate their help when a mother is in labor.  Erin has learned all this too and is fantastic at delivering pups.  We waste no time in getting help from my vet when necessary.  Very few vets will make themselves available day or night, weekends and holidays as my vet does.


  0 013 copy.jpgOne of my favorite champions and parti studs was this boy Grand Champion Ch. Finch’s Kickin ALil UKnowWhat Parti (Ozzi).  My best parti boy was Ch. Finch’s Totally Stunning Parti.     b 3803.jpg Stuner & Erin.jpg      The original black and white parti boy was Ch. Finch’sChar’s Makin Waves Parti (Splash) SpladhVikkiPink.jpg and this is one of his sons, now retired here Ch. Finch’s BetN Ona SureShot Parti (Shooter) shown as a veteran at the Des Moines Summer Specialty. ShooterKaren.jpg

         Some of our more recent titlists and some of our best producing studs are Champions Romeo, Striker and Flyer. Romeo Alone.jpg Stirker Alone.jpg Flyer4.jpgAnd another one of our best producing parti sires is Louie (Finch’s Parti Behind My Back).   I lost his mother 3 days after giving birth to Louie http://finchspoms.com/tt%20014.JPG and Kimi Kimi14.JPG.  Her first son was Evan now living in Brazil. Evan1.jpg


KarmaBOW copy.jpg Karma (Grand Champion & Ch. Finch’s Karma Came To The Parti).  I am particularly pleased with this bitch because she could win Best of Winners over the males and there aren’t many bitches that can do that. 

         Zeke7.jpgZeke, Ch. Finch’s Fine Physique Parti, and Victoria showing in Russia.

DelightShow copy.jpgCh. Finch’s Chocolate Delight Parti (Delight).

Bizzi.jpg Ch. Finch’s Funny Business Parti (Bizzi)

         Darin & Candice wins.jpg

Ch. Finch’s Darin To Be A Gorgeous Parti (Darin) and Ch. Finch’s Candidly Wild Parti (Candid) (she is an unpatterned parti with no white markings whatsoever).

qqqq 060.JPG Easy Show Photo.jpg Twister Show Pic.jpg

ttt 003.JPGSome pups just end up being so spoiled, we carry them around in a pouch just to keep the peace!   We love to spoil them in a positive way (they still know who the alpha is).   I’ve hired my 6 helpers based on how much they love the dogs.

b 8238.jpg Parker Nationals 2004.bmpBISA, BISS Ch. Pufpride Sweet Dreams, GC, HOF, ROMS has positively impacted my orange and solid breeding program with his sons, daughters and grandkids.

Molly3rdMajor.jpg NoNametoygroupwinner copy.jpgParker son “No Name” who won the toy group at Crufts.

Passion show1.jpg PotterGrp3.jpg Rudy show.jpg SecretShowBestPic copy1.jpg  Patrickbest.jpg

Karen Chisam finished Lucky (Ch. Finch’s Looking At A Lucky Dream) in the U.S. and then he went to MoxiePoms in Thailand.  He finished his Thailand championship and was shown in Europe.  Lucky is the proud father of 2017 Nationals Best In Show boy and Westminister and Eukanuba winner.

Lucky BOB Karen.jpg LuckyWorldDogShow.JPG

kkkkk 005.JPG  SidMajorWin2 copy.jpg

Ch. Finch’s Large N In Charge (Sarge) & his father Ch. Finch’s I’m Sexy N I Know It (Sid).

Rocko copy.jpg 

Ch. Amet’s Armed N Dangerous (Rocco) is a Ch. Marquis son.


Hulk1.JPG”Hulk” is owned by Jan and Vinni Jacobson, Soffie Kennels, Denmark.

RuckusCh. Arg. Finch´s Razin A Ruckus.jpg

Mishel's black boy.jpeg m 034.JPGBISA, BISS, Ch. Finch’s You’re Absolute Black shown in Israel by Mishel Fartook.

Ch. Finch’s Dreaming Of Mai Tais Best of Winners at the Des Moines Summer Specialty.


Ava Wichita.jpg Tiger.jpg Marquis Champion Picture copy1.jpg KirbyChPic.jpgCh. Marquis is a grandson of Parker and is a staple in my solid breeding program.  His father is Parker son, Ch. Finch’s Gonna Be Somebody (Kirby).

        Parker earned his ROM, ROMX, ROMS all in the same year (2004).  Parker has been a record breaking top producing stud dog in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (8 years in a row).   He has several BISA offspring and a 2009 World Champion WD.  He also has a son Ch. Finch's Ovations For Me (call name "No Name") who won the toy group at Crufts in 2005.  And he has a son who won breed at Westminister. 

        Parker became a Thailand grand champion in just 4 shows with three BISA and two reserves setting a Thailand record for earning this in just 4 shows and at the time only 3 other poms had attained this award.  June 29- July 4, 2004.  In 2006 Parker's son broke this record.  He has earned 43 Best In Show (All Breed) during his show career.

        Parker has been an unprecedented top producing sire for 8 years - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011!  He currently has 104 champion offspring - so far more than any other top producer in history.

nnnnn 011.JPG

         One of my favorite things is to ride my electric bike or trike over the High Trestle Trail mile-long bridge over the Des Moines River Basin and other bike trails in my area with, of course, my Jilli pom riding in my basket.   Other pastimes besides spoiling my poms are swim aerobics and target practice.    

          I’ve been raising poms for over 50 years so there is a lot of time is covered in my many faceted years of raising poms.