CH Finch'sChar'sMakin'WavesParti ROMS


May 17, 2003 - April 22, 2012

The ONLY Parti Stud to achive his ROMX!!!!

Splash has 17 champion parti offspring

16 champions

Presenting the "family ancestry tree."


First Row:  Ch. Finch's Bet'N On A SureShotParti (Shooter), Ch. Finch's Awesome Wave Parti (Surfer), Ch. Finch's Excuse To Parti (Jax), Ch. Finch's Power Play Parti Glitz (Twinkle), Ch. Finch's Splish Splash Parti (Splish).
Second Row;  Ch. Finch's Parti In Your Dreams (Milan), Ch. Finch's Chocolate Bon Bon Parti (Gizmo), Ch. Finch's So Fine Parti (Sofie), Ch. Finch's Flibbetigibbet Parti (Loki), Ch. Finch's Just To Be Ur Parti Man (Turner), Ch. Finch's Kickin' ALil U Know What Parti (Ozzie)
Third Row:  Ch. Finch's California Dreamin' At Jacinda (Malibu), Ch. Eagle Creek's Trufflicious Parti (Truffles), Ch. Finch's Hollywood Parti (Tori), ch. Finch's Spectacular Parti (Sharice), Ch. Finch's Karamak Dancing Queen (Abba), Ch. Eagle Creek's One Petulant Parti (Betsy) (picture missing)
And Splash's half brother "Nash"
(same sire Ch. Finch's Peacemaker Parti)
Ch. Finch's Bet On The Parti    
Ch. Finch's (Stealer), Ch. Finch's Dream Parti (Josie), Ch. Finch's Time Is Right For Pom Joy (Billy), Ch. Finch's How Sweet It Is Parti (Penny), Ch. Finch's High Roller Parti (Roller)    
And Splash's son, Shooter    

Ch. Finch's Too Good To Be True Parti (Bri), Ch. Finch's Totally Stunning Parti (Stuner), Ch. finch's Easy Going Parti (Easy), Finch's Its A Terrrific Parti (Izzi), Finch's Triple Threat Parti (Triple), Finch's Dip Me In Chocolate Parti (Dipper)
Stuner (Shooter's son)
Ch. Finch's Totally Stunning Parti

Bizzi, Terri, Margarita, Crasher (Stuner produced only 6 puppies in his short life and 4 of them finished their AKC championships).
Ch. Crasher's Offspring
Chevy, Porsha, Mercedes, Chevy
Ch.  Terri's Offspring