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The Quintessential Champion,
BIS, BISS, Ch. Finch's He Walks On Water, ROMS, GC, HOF (Travis) is the "Winningest" Black Pom in the history of the breed.  Home bred and raised at Finch's Pomeranians, Ltd., Travis excelled at stud.   Travis has produced 67  (60 AKC)  champions in his career at stud.   
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The short list of Travis' accomplishments:

9 All Breed BIS

3 Best In Specialty Shows

1992 APC Top Winning Pom

APC Hall of Fame

Gold Club Member

Westminster BOB (1994)

APC's 1995 No 2 Top Winning Dog

Finished from Puppy Class at 10 months

'Winningest' Black Pom in History Of Breed

Register of Merit

Producer of BIS, BISS

Register of Merit Excellence

Twice First Award of Merit, Westminster

APC's 1999 No. 1 Top Stud Dog

Producer of BIS, BISS son, daughter and grandson
(3 generations of black Best-In-Show & Best-In-Specialty Show)

APC's 2003 No. 1 Top Stud Dog


  Travis' list of titled offspring.


  • Ch. Finch’s Classic Creation
  • Ch. Valcopy Wakhan Valentino
  • Ch. Valcopy-Wakhan Hot Gossip
  • Ch. Wynmor’s Black N Tan Beauty
  • Ch. Dover-Holihouse Rogo’s Wizard
  • Ch. Jul’s Yes Indeed I’m Walkin
  • Ch. Golden Aires Walk N The Rain
  • Ch. Tresstique Black Magic
  • Ch. Tresstique’s Walkin Treasure
  • Ch. Finch’s The Legend Continues
  • Ch. Finch’s Black Lace
  • Ch. Candyfloss Dazzling
  • Ch. Wheat's Walking In The Moonlight
  • Ch. Noble's Queen Of The Night
  • Finch's Little Sister Megan, CD
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin' In Fashion
  • Ch. Bohrer's Dream A Little Dream
  • Ch. Finch's She's A Love Farrah
  • Ch. Finch's He Walks Among Stars
  • Ch. Finch's Walkaway Joe
  • Ch. Wheat's He Walks Thru The Light
  • Ch. Finch's Mr. Bold N Beautiful
  • Ch. Weewyn's A Walk In The Park
  • Ch. Finch's He Rockets On Water
  • Ch. Noble's Finch's A Work Of Art
  • Ch. Finch's Billion Dollar Baby
  • Ch. Finch's Overnight Success
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin The Walk
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin Prim N Proper
  • Ch. Noble's Quest For The Best
  • Ch. Noble's Affair To Remember
  • Ch. American Pride Of Alldridge
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin N Talkin
  • Ch. Char's Walkin N A Winning Way (Ebony)

  Australia Ch. Merimaur’s Magic Word

  • Can. Ch. Finch's My Heaven on Earth
  • Can. Ch. Finch's Knight of Chaos
  • Ch. Finch's Midnight Special
  • Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish Ch. Finch's Walk On The Wild Side
  • Ch. Valcopy Wakhan Hollywood
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin Legacy
  • Ch. Pominique Talking Waters
  • Ch. Finch’s Petipom Chances R
  • Ch. Petipom He A'int No Saint
  • Ch. Finch’s He Can Moon Walk.
  • Brazilian Ch. Finch's All That Jazz
  • Spanish Ch. Finch's Como Tu Divine Night
  • Ch. Finch's Midnight Moonwalker
  • Ch. Sandpom's Touched By An Angel
  • Ch. Dover-Holihouse Togo's M.E.
  • Ch. Finch's Amazin' Lil Walker
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin After Midnite
  • Ch. Finch's Dream Walkin'
  • Int. Ch. Pominique N Noble's Dark Vader
  • Can. Ch. Finch's I Walk On Water Too
  • Ch. Finch's N Animation's Popeye
  • Danish Ch. Finch's Walkin Awesome
  • Ch. Noble's Breakfast At Tiffany's
  • Ch. Finch's Walkin Awesome In Red
  • Ch. Finch's Shesa Lil Brick
  • Ch. Wheat's Moonlight Serenade
  • Ch. Finch's Get Over Yourself
  • Ch. Finch's Lil Miss Liberty
  • Ch. Showcase Last Dance
  • Ch. Finch's Walking On Sunshine Too
  • Ch. Finch's Char's Walk This Way
  • Finch's Indispensable Walker, CD
  • Ch. Finch'sChar's Hot Walkin'Blond


Travis - August 3, 1990 - June 8, 2003 

Currently there are more offspring working on their titles and Travis sperm is frozen and will be used with Finch's Pomeranian's bitches.  

For information on having your bitch considered for breeding with Finch's Pomeranian's studs, please email Diane Finch at or check out the breeding page.

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